Hired gunman: Blood Money Cheats and Codes for Xbox 360


Assassin: BlInfinite cash

Effectively total any mission and gain as meager cash as could reasonably be expected. Spare the diversion, at that point replay that mission once more. Procure however much cash as could reasonably be expected and make a spare point quickly before getting away from the level. At that point, escape from the level and the mission audit screens will show up showing your new record adjust. Any extra cash earned from playing the mission the second time will be added to your record adjust. Next, squeeze B to come back to the primary screen, at that point squeeze Y replay the mission. A message cautioning that your advance will be lost will show up. Disregard this message, as your spare focuses and record adjust won’t be reset. At the point when the mission starts once more, stack the spare point made quickly before getting away from the level. Escape from the level and the extra cash will be added to your record adjust once more. Rehash this procedure as much as wanted to get a boundless measure of cash.

Limitless spares in Normal and Expert mode

While sparing amid a mission on the Normal or Expert trouble setting, squeeze Start before the “Spare Complete” message shows up and it won’t tally towards your cutoff of recoveries. Note: This won’t hurt your spared diversion.

Free intel

Buy all the intel when a mission begins. Make a note of it, at that point delay the diversion and restart the mission. You will have your unique beginning cash, and the intel will now be accessible for buy again despite the fact that you realize what it contained.

Substitute foundation

Effectively total the diversion to substitute the principle menu foundation.

Daily paper features

In the wake of finishing a mission, the daily paper feature will differ contingent upon how you did. On the off chance that you did ineffectively, the paper will state so in the section. On the off chance that you shoot next to no and utilize for the most part hand to hand it will state that there isn’t sufficient data to make a positioned portrayal of you. On the off chance that you finished the mission with high precision, it will express that you are an all around prepared marksman. Take a stab at finishing missions contrastingly to see distinctive features.


Take a gander at the tags of autos in various levels. In the “A New Life” mission, the tag of the considerable number of autos peruses BADBLOD (Bad Blood). In the “A House Of Cards” mission, the tag of the primary limo at the club peruses “L1MONEY”, or something comparable.