Inverter AC Vs Non-Inverter AC: Which One Should You Buy?


With rising temperature and heat touching the peak, it’s that time of the year when people start hunting for air conditioners. Choosing an air conditioner for your home has never been an easy task. It is easy to get overwhelmed with a wide variety of choices available in the market. Furthermore, most of the general users are unsure about the right tonnage capacity of AC they should choose for their room.  Though there are several parameters that need to be considered before buying an air conditioner, one of the most important things is whether one should buy a regular AC or an inverter air conditioner. Both inverter and non-inverter air conditioners offer similar features, yet they are different in terms of the type of compressor motor they have. With no further ado, let’s take a quick look at the basic difference between an inverter and non-inverter AC that will make your purchase easier than ever.

#1 Speed

The inverter air conditioners are known for their latest technology since it bears a compressor that runs at a variable speed. Though the sophisticated technology used in inverter air conditioner is quite difficult to understand, the crux of this variable speed is that instead of letting the compressor run uninterruptedly at full power, it regulates the operation of the compressor in such a way that the temperature gets regulated. Since an inverter air conditioner runs at a variable speed, it consumes less power, which eventually cut down your high electricity bills. If you are concerned about the power consumption, you can go for an inverter AC without a doubt. Besides this, inverter air conditioners are touted to deliver optimal performance and have longer life.

On the other hand, non-inverter ACs equipped with a compressor that runs at a fixed speed, which implies that it consumes high power since the motor restarts more frequently in order to maintain the desired temperature instructed by the user. In regular air conditioners, the compressor either runs at the highest speed or gets switched off, a process that eats up a lot of power.

#2 Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy saving, the inverter air conditioners are simply unbeatable. The A-level energy economic operation method used in inverter AC models automate the heating and cooling in an energy efficient manner owing to the inclusion of a smart sensor that automatically adjusts the power according to the current temperature of a room.  This implies that when the heat load varies in different rooms, the inverter AC works optimal in managing the energy consumption. However, this is not possible in the case of a regular AC since it works in a fixed manner.

#3 Noise

Another good reason to buy an inverter air conditioner is that it runs smoothly without making any noise. This is because the motor is running constantly and don’t frequently turn on and off as in the case of a regular AC. In fact, inverter ACs work along to maintain the room temperature and that’s why they consume less power to regulate the temperature as compared to a regular AC. This clearly explains the reason why inverter air conditioners depreciate slowly than the regular ones.

However, in non-inverter ACs, the continuous on and off process, forces the appliance work harder, which also results in the increase in noise. Owing to the continuous on and off, the process of wear and tear is faster in case of non-inverter ACs, which may burden you with high maintenance costs.

#4 Cost Economy

The inverter air conditioners are slightly expensive as compared to non-inverter air conditioners, but you can derive innumerable benefits in the form of optimal performance, less electricity bills, lower maintenance costs and more.  Also, inverter air conditioners are claimed to be a long-term investment. Normal air conditioners may be cheaper, but their maintenance cost will always be higher.

Wrapping Up

If you have read this post till here, you must have got an idea why inverter AC is far better than the regular ones. If you are planning to buy an air conditioner for your home, I would suggest you buy an inverter air conditioner over non-inverter AC.  Before you buy, check reviews and ratings of different brands ACs and compare the pricing to buy at the best price.